Tela story (Est. 2019) 

Tela, which means fabric in Filipino is a brand by Alyssa, a 19 year old student, who sees a future where fashion meets sustainability.

Growing up, she spent summers witnessing how each piece of clothing is cut, stitched and assembled through the hard work of craftsmen behind the scenes. Inspired by this familiarity and love with textiles, as well as kinship among artisans, Tela aims to share this thoughtful exchange between maker and buyer- guaranteeing only to produce a line that is within the spectrum of sustainability.

Tela believes that building a sustainable future is a collaborative effort with the community, and it starts with the smallest things such as the fabrics we wear everyday.

Tela's pride comes from using natural, biodegradable materials or recycled - upcycled fabric scraps and transforming them into durable fashionable pieces made with integrity, perfect for everyday wear.


The fashion industry contributes to over 20% of the total global waste. In fact, every second a truckload of clothing and fabric is being wasted. With this reality, the need for a drastic change in our fashion choices has never been more important. 

Tela answers the call to have an environmentally conscious local brand that not only promotes ethical fashion through upcycled fabrics and sustainable materials, but also revives the Filipino traditional artistry of handweaving.