End to end sustainability

Becoming more sustainable as a company is an ongoing process and we are delighted that, as a startup, we can make a difference.  From design to materials to manufacturing to even packaging and delivery, we try our best to incorporate sustainability in every aspect. Check out the slideshow below to learn more about our efforts. 



  • Design

    Aside from using environmentally friendly materials, Our pieces are timeless and versatile. They are designed to last for the long run.

  • Hangtags

    Made up of Spinach (yum!) seed paper 

  • Packaging

    No boring packaging here! Check out our super cute canvas tote bag (yes, it's free) exclusively available at tela! This bag will be your new best friend, take her everywhere you go!

  • Product tags

    Our product tags are made of production offcuts, embroidered to have that premium and minimal look.

  • Cassava mailers

    We deliver your items in cassava bags that are soluble in hot water, and will decompose in 180 days upon proper disposal. It is printed using eco-friendly inks such as soy.

  • Thank you cards

    100% compostable and recyclable, It is uncoated and printed with soy based inks. We use a varnish on the cards that have colors printed on them to protect the design. The varnish is essentially soy-based ink without the pigments, so the cards can still be recycled and composted.

    These cards are made from 100% recycled FSC certified paper meaning the pulp going into making the cards is from used materials only.

  • Fabric and materials
  • Recycled zippers

    A first in the Philippines, Tela Manila proudly presents the better zippers. Our zippers are certified by the Global recycled standard. They are made out of recycled plastic bottles.

  • Fabric buttons

    Our handcrafted buttons are made from production offcuts and a lot of love!

  • Local upcycled fabrics

    Our locally sourced fabrics are handwoven by local communities. We send our production offcuts to them to hand-weave into new fabrics again. Our production team uses these fabrics to create timeless pieces that are made for rotation.

  • Global fabrics

    To keep up with the latest fabric innovations, we source our environmentally friendly fabrics from trusted suppliers globally as well. Some of these fabrics include: Tencel™, Linen, GOTS certified Organic Cotton.

  • Local natural and recycled fabrics

    From Abaca to Piña, our range of locally made fabrics will definitely not disappoint.

  • Sustainable solutions through design
  • Refresh

    uses fabrics made out of natural or recycled fibers like Linen, Tencel, Recycled Polyester, and Organic Cotton.

  • Revive

    brings back the tradition of hand weaving by partnering with local communities

  • Renew

    patches up production offcuts and gives them new life as they are turned into unique patterns

  • Reverse

    reimagines the possibility of our pieces